Chris Gaunt Artist - Fleeing the Fire

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Fleeing the Fire
Fleeing the Fire

I was inspired to paint this picture by a photo taken at a festival in Spain. It was so dramatic. A Horse and Rider emerging from a blazing fire. The painting is 40cm x 30cm and was mostly painted in watercolour. The background was painted in Lemon Yellow, allowed to dry before spraying with a little water into which I dropped or brushed Cadmium Red and a mixture of Light Red and Ultramarine. After drying the Horse and Rider was painted in acrylic using Burnt Sienna and a mixture of Light Red and Ultramarine.

Fleeing the Fire is available as a 28cm x 20cm print, a 39cm x 30cm larger print and the original is for sale.

For the original the frame size is 56cm x 47cm

Print Only: £22.25
Large Print Only: £35.00
Original Painting: