Chris Gaunt Artist - Independence

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I was inspired by the increasingly fierce debate on Scottish Independence to paint this picture.Everyone will interpret this painting differently. The Scottish National Party will see it as leaving the burning wreck of the Union. The Better Together campaign might see it as a warning as to what might happen if there is a yes vote and then of course there is the Braveheart element! As an Englishman living in Scotland I am entitled to vote in next years referendum.How shall I be voting? Well that is between me and the ballot box. What does this painting mean to you? The painting is acrylic on deep framed stretched canvas and is 20" x 20" ( 51cm x 51cm ) It is for sale so if anyone would like to buy it for Alex Salmond let me know.

51cm x 51cm (20in x 20in)

Acrylic on Deep Framed Stretched Canvas

Not for Sale