Chris Gaunt Artist - Unicorn in the Forest

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Unicorn in the Forest
Unicorn in the Forest

Here is another Taoist free flowing painting. This one painted it self, almost like an early morning meditation in which thoughts arise from the subconscious. The paint flowed into a form and the form suggested some detail to me. It was like a sentence from The Heart Sutra ' Form is only emptiness, emptiness only form ' It was painted in three stages. The background colours of Permanent Rose, Lemon Yellow, Windsor Blue, Windsor Red or mixtures of were washed on. After drying the paper was wet with a spray and stronger colours were added and left to flow and dry. Then the detail added in Paynes Grey, Ultramarine and Titanium White. Finaly a spatter wash was added.

Unicorn in the Forest is available as a 28cm x 20cm print, a 39cm x 30cm larger print and the original is for sale.

Original now Sold

Print Only: £22.25
Large Print Only: £35.00